Empowered Birthing

Empowered Birthing focuses on the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of birth preparation and is based on the premise that empowered women are not guests AT their births, but fully present and immersed IN their births. The Empowered Birthing philosophy takes a different approach to preparing for your baby’s birth than traditional childbirth classes. Empowered Birthing is Holistic Birthing and you will see these terms used interchangeably throughout this class. Please note that our course is not intended in any way to replace the care of your physician or midwife, simply as further preparation and knowledge.


As Empowered Birthing Facilitators, it is our mission to give you the tools to restore your confidence as women in your god-given birthing wisdom and intuition, to guide you in creating your personal Sacred Birthing Space and your own personal Rite of Passage ritual.


Holistic birthing encompasses much more than just “having a baby”. When you birth a baby holistically, you are also birthing a mother, a father and a family, the core unit and foundation upon which our society is built and from which it derives its strength and hope for the future. In our fast-paced, hectic lives it is so easy to lose sight of the fundamental truth that no other success in life can compensate for failure in the home.


We invite you to join with us on an Enchanted Journey to help create a world filled with harmony, laughter and love, a world that is worthy of our beloved children, by giving to each unborn child the gift of an Empowered, Magical Birth.

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