Power of Focus

A wise man recently shared with me, during a moment of frustration, a simple yet profound thought that provoked a paradigm shift for me.  On first read you may wonder, "well, isn't this what you're about?".  A point well taken if you are a follower.  And yet, haven't we all had those moments when something we have always felt or known comes to us in such a way that it becomes new again?  

So this was the question he posed to me:  "Instead of telling and retelling stories or anecdotes of negative things we experience in life, wouldn't it be so much better to tell and retell the positive, happy experiences?"
Well, obviously.... or maybe not so obviously...
For whatever reason, on that day, in that particular circumstance, coming from someone I hold in high esteem, it felt like another layer of scales falling from my eyes to reveal a profound truth in a new way. 
Maybe it was meant especially for me, because a light went on and I realized that I had gradually allowed myself to be drawn into a very negative mindset over the past year as a result of some very trying circumstances.  This was exactly the paradigm shift I needed to wake me up and get me back on the path to more joyful living.
In a broader context, maybe we could all take a moment to self-examine what kind of thoughts and experiences we talk about and dwell on and how the power of those words and thoughts influence our daily lives, our success and our happiness.  
How many times do we find ourselves starting a conversation or making a connection by "commiserating" with a friend, acquaintance, or even a total stranger about some regrettable occurrence or circumstance?  Whether a personal experience or a commentary on society in general, do we tend to default to the negative or the positive?  
I don't think we intend or set out to be negative, I think it just becomes an innocuous, yet insidious habit that we aren't really consciously aware of.  Perhaps therein lies the key to shifting our focus. It takes very little effort to communicate in a negative space because it's a space of slow moving, lower vibrational frequencies.  To communicate positively and connect at a higher vibrational frequency takes more energy and conscious thought effort. Try to imagine for just a moment how this one shift could effect your entire experience of living. (Food for another or several more posts!)  It's actually kind of mind blowing to start contemplating the ripple effect of this one small change. 
In the two days since that conversation, I have conducted my own little experiment at my workplace.  Whenever, in response to my cheery "Hi ____, how are you?" greeting for clients, I received a less than positive response, I asked "could it be worse?".  It made people stop and take notice.  One lady, who never looks very happy when she arrives looked a little taken aback, paused a moment and then said (much to my delight) "Why yes, yes it could be! I feel better already!"  It connected the two of us in a space of happy, higher vibration that lasted throughout her appointment and she left with a smile!  What a great experience!
It also occurred to me that this same paradigm shift could be applied to the memories we carry of our lives as a whole, where we often fall prey to guilt, regret or self-recrimination.  My second "take away" was the determination to begin writing an account of my life for posterity and filling it with only happy, positive memories!  I wonder who will benefit more as I embark on this work....my posterity or myself?! :)
Well, that's it for today.  I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it will also inspire or infuse you with a desire to join me in the quest for higher, more consciously joyful interactions in our daily lives and a shift of focus to the positive and beautiful in life.  After all, don't we always find what we are looking for?

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