Mind as Healer

Perfect mental, emotional and spiritual health naturally lead to perfect physical health.  A bold statement, perhaps, but the key to our vision, which we hope you will grasp as you continue to read.


Our minds, emotions and spirits taken together make up our eternal soul.  Our body is the temporary physical home in this life for that soul.  So it follows both logically and intuitively that as we care properly for the health of our soul our bodies will be enlivened and we may begin to experience life more joyfully and with increased health and longevity. 


Many of us have simply accepted the notion that disease and decay of our bodies is our inevitable end.  Death is our inevitable end in this physical world, however disease and decay need not be.  Ancient accounts describe many who lived productive and active lives for literally hundreds of years.  Granted, we have not taken care of this beautiful earth upon which we reside like we should have.  Our soil, water and air are replete with toxins that did not exist anciently and our daily lives filled to overflowing with materialism and stress.  However those factors do not have to automatically spell disease and decay.  They just create a greater challenge for each of us to slow down, become more aware, examine our lifestyle and begin making healthier choices for ourselves and our loved ones. 


But how and where do we begin?  Simple.  We begin in our minds and thoughts.


The words mental-emotional-spiritual are presented in that order deliberately because healthy thoughts lead to healthy emotions, and healthy emotions lead to a healthy spiritual journey, which opens the door to perfect health and longevity in our physical bodies and fosters more joyful living. 


Some of you may be feeling discouraged at this point if you struggle with specific diseases or ailments.  Please stay with me a little longer and resist the temptation to become upset or discouraged.  There are many factors, some beyond our control, that have brought each of us to the place we are today in terms of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  Again, our minds and thoughts hold the key to the first steps in overcoming the personal challenges we each face that stand in the way of perfect health.


When we encounter disease in our physical bodies, how we think about the disease is critical.  As has been said by others, 'we can accept the diagnosis without accepting the prognosis'.  If we "own" "our" disease, letting it define who we are in our thoughts and the words we use to describe it, we feed it and give it the energy and power it needs to increase and grow. 


If, however, we can shift our thoughts and begin to see and identify disease in its proper place as simply a DIS-EASE of some sort in our souls being made manifest in our physical bodies, we have taken the first step to resolving that dis-ease rather than furthering its growth.  We can then begin to search out the source of that dis-ease and lovingly support and care for ourselves in such a way as to restore balance, harmony and health in mind, body and spirit, thus eliminating the dis-ease and its physical manifestation.  It all begins in our thoughts, which carry more energy and power to effect our lives and health than most of us have yet realized.


Truly, "as a man thinketh, so IS he"!


It's exciting to see that as mankind begins to more fully understand and practice these principles, we are hearing more and more accounts of "centarians", those who are enjoying life to its fullest for 100 years and more.  Health and joy are our birthrights and we have within us the power to reclaim them. 


It's important to remember that there are as many paths to perfect health as there are individual souls, but all good paths have as their end goal and result    perfect harmony, health, joy and peace.  Some of us may find that our paths take a lifetime and beyond to travel.  Do not be discouraged.  You are not alone and that is one of the most beautiful things about the journey.  We have been promised that as we diligently seek for truth, lift our thoughts and open our hearts and spirits to divine healing energy, we will be blessed with strength and wisdom beyond our own and courage for the journey.  Our purity of thought and intent are the keys to opening those channels to divine healing wisdom and guidance in locating and resolving our particular dis-eases of soul and body.


Many will not reach the level of mastery of thought necessary to attain perfect health in this life, but we can all take joy in the journey and persevere with love and patience on the path to creating or restoring perfect health in your own life and the lives of your loved ones for generations to come. 


Here at Holistic Living Centers it is our joy and honor to create an encouraging, empowering environment that we hope will support you on your journey.

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