Let the Celebration Begin!

Today is a day for celebrating, for it signals the launching of a dream that is at the same time both exciting and humbling and has been six years in the making!  Today also marks the two month Anniversary of my marriage to the soulmate and eternal partner of my dreams..... I love you babe!


I am here today as living proof that dreams really do come true and I can't encourage you strongly enough never to give up on your own dreams! I invite you to join with me today in celebrating the joy of life and love and the official launch of the Holistic Living Centers website by sharing with me your dreams and your journey... with all it's highs and lows, joys and sorrows, discouragements and triumphs! Let's join together to encourage and uplift one another in Celebrating Life!


Finally, on another personal note, a big thank you goes out to my amazing children who have encouraged and supported me on this journey, for it has been their journey too.  Together we have known the joys, the sorrows, the discouragements and the triumphs!  I love and appreciate you all and dedicate today's celebration to you!

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